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Do You Want to Compete With This Disadvantage?

Of course not, especially with your competitor selling the benchmark product for two dollars less per pound, decreasing your sales price while you competitor is turning more profit not including add on purchase items.

Your Advantage

  1. You will pay a minimum of $5.00 less per pound for 21/25 organic, cooked, tail off.
  2. You will have continuous supply regardless of outside markets, viruses or other calamities.
  3. You will dictate what cut, and style at $5.00 less than your competitor is paying now .
  4. Your shrimp will be organic, harvested, processed live shipped the same day.

! Failure to act could cost you millions of dollars !

If you Distribute, Sale Shrimp, Serious about your Company’s Profits
you need to Review our site and Act Now!

Cooked - 21/25  lb. Tail On

Current Price - Ex Warehouse


Your Competitors price


Your Competitors Cost Savings


Annual Volume

3,000,000 (lbs.)

Annual disadvantage or advantage


Here’s Why!!

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Adjust the chart to determine what disadvantage or advantage you will have.