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“Everything Possible Was Impossible Before it Became Possible.”
(Unknown Author Quoted)

SESA System ®
(Sustainable Environmental Seafood Aquaculture)

SESA System® the integration of patented technologies, sciences and methodologies, logistics with ecology, environment sustainability applied to land farmed seafood aquaculture insuring sustainable, continuous production, processing for profit and commerce.

Our mission to sell our farm systems that creates a highly valuable food source to domestic and global customers providing educational, vocational opportunities to those who contribute to our research developing new profitable system products realizing our customers current, future income potential.

Global Critical Need and Trade

Global dependence by many nations relying on relatively few producing nations,  the United States most dependent on imports reaching 17.4 billion dollars in 2012 still well below the demand actually required due to sustainability recently experienced 2013, now 2014 and undoubtedly into the future.

What impact does this have on you, your company, your investments how does Centurion Seafood Aquaculture Systems SESA System® benefit you, your interests?

Well several ways our SESA System® primary product, shrimp is 27% (#1) in total imports for 2012 under valued at 4.7 billion dollars and well under demand that increases as populations grow, consumes daily. Our SESA System® outperforms in all categories; sustainability, cost, value, quality, profit and market growth this applies in all industry arenas’ farmer, retailer and wholesaler. So take a peek if you will under the hood of Centurion Seafood Aquaculture Systems compare to your current product it could be the most important impossibility you could possibly ever experience.

2014 the estimated value for increased domestic aquaculture production for shrimp is 2.8 billion dollars creating 75,000 jobs.
(The term seafood aquaculture refers to the "farming" of fish, mollusks, crustaceans and aquatic plants.)

SESA Systems® recycles 95% of materials used for production, processing for sustained uninterrupted harvest for the highest quality organic product available from any market, farm, processor or fishery in the world.